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Fertilizer Information

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K-Lite MSU Fertilizer - the article by the inventor, or developer of this excellent improvement on the already great MSU Formulas. Rich Lochwood did the science, a good read that explains better than I the why for using lower K in your continuous feeding program. 2013 "What do Orchids Eat" by Richard Lockwood. 2013
Bill Argo wrote a very thorough article detailing the science behind the MSU series of fertilizer formulae. Definitely an educational read if you are trying to get your head around fertilizer. The article is in 5 parts. 2003 Part 1 Understanding plant nutrition, Part 2. Water Quality, Part 3. Fertilizers, Part 4 Substrates, Part 5 Final Conclusions
Lecture notes from Michigan State University, I believe from Jan Szryn. 2011 Water Quality

Fertilizer Management

Walter Pall is a world class bonsai artist and has been exhibiting trees, very healthy & beautiful trees for several decades. He knows how to grow a healthy tree. His fertilizer methods at first glance seem to contradict information I linked here on MSU and Continuous Feeding. But if you look close at his system, you can see how he compensates for the shortcomings of the fertilizer he uses.  Walter Pall's Fertilizer Program
Fertilizer Dosage Calculator - essential tool for figuring out your dosages. Calculators for both Total Dissolved Solids and For Nitrogen concentration. From First Rays Orchid Supplies
First Ray's Orchid Supplies Fertilizer information page. There is a lot of good information here!



































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