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Phragmipedium, Paphiopedilum, Dendrobium, Lycaste, Miltoniopsis, and Sobralia 


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Last modified: September 16, 2010

Speaking Engagements

I am available for speaking engagements for Orchid Societies, Garden Clubs and any group that would like an orchid related talk. I only like to do 3 to 6 speaking engagements per year. If you need a speaker, I may be available. I require at least 2 weeks prior notice, confirmed either in writing or by email, in addition a phone call is helpful to get the details correct. The talks I have ready to go are titled:

  Ever Blooming Orchids for Under Lights and the Windowsill

This talk will discuss a few strategies for building an orchid collection that always has something in bloom, with a minimal number of plants. The focus will be on selecting orchids with one or more of the traits that qualify the orchid as ever blooming. Some of these traits are extremely long lived flowers, a frequent bloom habit, or long lived inflorescences with a sequential bloom habit. The orchids Leo will highlight include species and hybrids for a range of temperature and light, from warm growing, to cool growing, orchids for the sunny south windowsill and some ideal for the shade of the northeast exposure and under light growing. Tips on good culture, and on the benefits of growing plants to be show specimens will be provided.

Phragmipedium, the Easy to Grow Slipper Orchid

In this talk I cover what's new in Phrag hybrids, with an emphasis on the easier to grow and more colorful hybrids. I can if requested focus more on culture, or I can focus more on the hybrids and breeding in Phragmipedium, whichever is desired.  

Survey of Phragmipedium Species

In this talk I discuss the Phrag species and how to grow them and a brief discussion of each species contribution to modern hybrids.        

Lycaste, the beautiful sister of Helen of Troy

In this talk I discuss culture of Lycaste Orchids and do a brief survey of species and a few hybrids. I talk a bit about how to handle deciduous Lycaste species, Lycaste skinneri and its hybrids. The genus of evergreen Lycaste now called Ida, and a few words about Anguloa. 



I usually put at least 6 to 10 hours of my time into preparing the talk and pulling together plants for display and for sale. Often I put in more as I develop new talks. Incidental costs have been going up and the margin on sales has been going down. I require all travel expenses plus an honorarium of $250.  Travel expenses include either round trip coach air fare or fuel reimbursement if I prefer to drive. For locations too far away for me to get to in less than 3 hours of travel I also may require lodging. Depending on distance from home and the time the talk occurs, I may require up to the night previous and the night following the talk. The local Motel 6 is adequate, I do not require four star digs. I do understand that most local orchid societies are operating on limited budgets, I will try to help you keep the cost of my visit reasonable. 

I will waive the honorarium requirement only if the host society will allow me to sell my plants, and guarantee a minimum of 35 members attending the talk. Usually a group of 35 will buy enough of my plants that expenses will be met. For groups that have less than 35 members show up I may be willing to negotiate a reduced honorarium based on attendance or sales. In addition, in order to waive or reduce the honorarium I require that at the talk there will not be any competing plant sales or large scale plant raffle that would compete with my plant sales at that meeting. Unfortunately, if I have to compete for sales, I need to charge for the talk. 

Previous Engagements

You may contact any of these groups for feedback about the content and style of my talks.

bulletNCPOS, Charlotte, NC - January 2008 - Ever Blooming Orchids for Under Lights and the Windowsill.
bulletChampaign-Urbana Orchid Society, Urbana, IL - November 2007
bulletMaster Gardeners of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Wisc - October 2007 - Ever Blooming Orchids for Under Lights and the Windowsill.
bulletGrand Valley OS, Grand Rapids, MI - October 2007 -  Ever Blooming Orchids for Under Lights and the Windowsill
bulletKingwood Orchid Society - Mansfield, OH - 12/4/2005 - Growing Phragmipedium Hybrids
bulletCentral Iowa Orchid Society - Iowa City, IA - 11/3/2005 - Growing Orchids Under Lights
bulletNCPOS, Charlotte, NC - October 2, 2005 - Growing Orchids Under Lights
bulletAtlanta Orchid Society - Atlanta, GA - August 8, 2005 - Survey of Phragmipedium Species
bulletCentral Ohio Orchid Society, Columbus OH - 4/21/2005 - my new Lycaste talk
bulletWisconsin Orchid Society, Milwaukee, WI - 1/9/2005
bulletBatavia Orchid Society, Batavia IL - 11/9/2004
bulletDenver Orchid Society - Denver  CO - 9/14/2004
bulletColumbus Orchid Society, Columbus OH - 1/15/2004
bulletOther groups include Charlotte Orchid Society, Atlanta Orchid Society, Central Iowa Orchid Society, Rockford Orchid Society, and the National Capital Orchid Society, Paph Forum, Washington DC way back in 1992. 
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